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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OEM Branded

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OEM Branded Pro
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Sale Price: $72.94
10 for $71.49 each.
100 for $70.99 each.
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Usually ships the same business day
Part # FQC-00765-BRD
4.6 (293 reviews)
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This product will be branded HP, Dell, etc. but will do a FULL install on any brand computer and includes a DVD and COA.

MAC USERS: If you are buying this product to install on an Apple Computer with Parallels, Boot Camp or similar, we have noticed there is a higher degree of skill required than to install this on a Windows based PC. This is only unique to “branded” OEM Windows products and not to non branded OEM Windows products. If you are the person people always seem to ask for help when their computer isn’t right you should be fine with this. If you are not that kind of user you may want to stick to a non branded oem. Once again this only applies to Mac users. Please contact us if you have questions about this or need help selecting the proper product for your skill level.

Windows 7 Professional from Microsoft is the long-awaited successor to the ubiquitous Windows Vista operating system. Building upon Vista's impressive feature set, Windows 7 adds many features which simplify the way you use your PC, as well as the way that your PC connects to the world.

The Professional edition of Windows 7 is designed to meet the needs of business and home use alike. It omits none of the features that are found in the Home Premium edition of the software. These include improved desktop navigation, improved speed, the Internet Explorer 8 web browser, Windows Media Center, and HomeGroup networking.

Features gained by moving up to the Professional edition include Windows XP Mode, which allows you to run legacy applications in a true virtualization of Windows XP. You'll also be able to join Domains, which is often a requirement for connecting to corporate networks. Finally, the Professional edition adds the ability to backup your system to a home or business network.

This version of the software is meant to be installed on 64-bit systems.

Note: The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of Windows 7 can only be used with a single PC, and the license is non-transferable. Additionally, the software can't be used to upgrade a current version of Windows; it requires you to backup any data on your machine before you install it.

User Interface Enhancements

An improved taskbar allows you to launch programs and switch between them when they're open. You can pin any program to the taskbar, making it just a click away. Rearrange icons via clicking and dragging, Icons are bigger than in previous versions, making them easier to identify. Hover over an icon and view thumbnails of every file or window that is currently open in that program; hover over the thumbnail and see a full-screen preview of that window. Move the cursor away, and the preview disappears.
Jump Lists allow you to quickly reach files with which you've been working. Simply right-click an application icon to see which files it has recently opened. You can even pin files to a Jump List, ensuring they always appear on it, allowing you to access frequently-used files with only a few clicks.

Certain programs, including Windows Media Player, can pre-populate their Jump Lists with common tasks. You can play all of your music or resume the most recently played playlist via the Media Player Jump List. In Internet Explorer, frequently-visited and recently-visited websites will appear.
There are numerous Desktop enhancements present in Windows 7. Snaps allows you to quickly grab a window and pull it to either edge of your screen, automatically resizing the window to occupy half of your screen.

You can also quickly view gadgets, or grab a file from your desktop. Move your mouse to the lower right corner of your desktop and all open Windows will become transparent. Need to hide all but one window? Grab the one you would like to keep at the top and shake it, all other windows will hide. Shake the window again, and they'll return.
Windows Search has been improved since its introduction in Windows Vista. You'll be able to find files, e-mail messages, and applications via the search box, conveniently located at the bottom of the Start menu. Simply enter a word or a string of letters from the file name: you'll receive an organized list of results.

Search results are organized by file type. Programs, items in your control panel, documents, music, and photos that match your search will be grouped together by file type. You can further customize search results via filters: filter by creation date, document author, and more.
Windows 7 includes Internet Explorer 8, the latest iteration of Microsoft's popular web browser. Rendering web pages much faster than previous versions, IE8 includes an address bar, search tabs, and a Favorites bar to help you better navigate the web.

Instant Search starts returning results as soon as you start typing your query. In addition to searching the web, the search also looks through your browsing history, making it easier to locate a previously-visited page. There is no need to wait for a search to complete if you see your result beforehand: simply click on the page you'd like to visit and IE will take you there.

Accelerators allow you to highlight any part of a web page, and feed it into a frequently-used service as a search. See an address on a web page? Highlight it, and use an Accelerator to immediately display a map. You'll have access to Accelerators for e-mail, eBay, Facebook, blogging, mapping, search, translation, and more.

IE8 also supports Web Slices. Allowing you to capture only a portion of a web site, you can create web slices for auction items, sports scores, weather reports, and more. When the content contained in the slice changes, it will be highlighted in your Favorites Bar.
Device management has been greatly enhanced in Windows 7. Rather than spreading devices across several different screens, as had been done in previous versions of Windows, you'll be able to access all of your devices from one screen. The Devices and Printers screen will allow you to manage all of your printers, phones, peripherals, MP3 players, and other devices.

Windows 7 also features Device Stage technology. Use Device Stage to interact with any compatible device that is connected to your computer. You'll be able to view device status, and run common tasks from a single window. Device icons reflect the type of peripheral, allowing you to easily see what is connected.
While most folks with multiple computers already have a home network setup for Internet sharing, it is often difficult to share other files between computers. Enter HomeGroup. You'll be able to use this function to more easily setup a home network, allowing you to share printers and files among all of the computers in your home.
Joining networks can often cause a headache, especially for users who have access to different networks in different locations. Whether it be a corporate network, a VPN, your home Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, or dial-up, all of your networks are visible in the View Available Networks (VAN) window. You'll have one-click access to any available network, and you can configure automatic connection to frequently-used networks.

Performance and Compatibility

Windows 7 is optimized so that PCs start up, shut down, and resume from standby faster than previous versions. Added features, including the aforementioned Taskbar and Jump Lists, allow you to complete common tasks. You'll be able to use the Action Center to control how the OS notifies you of systems changes. Windows 7 helps you recover from problems when they occur, walking you through the steps necessary to address common issues.
Mobile computers rely on an all-too-often anemic battery for power. Windows 7 features a number of power-saving enhancements, designed to prolong battery life. Adaptive display brightness dims a display when you've been away from your PC, and playing DVD movies requires less power than in previous versions of Windows.
We all have existing hardware and software, and it is essential that they work with a new operating system as well as they did with the old. Most devices that work with Windows Vista will work with windows 7. Microsoft has implemented a "Compatible with Windows 7" program, which allows manufacturers to place a logo on devices and applications that are compatible with the OS. You'll also be able to run many productivity and business applications that carry the Windows XP logo. Additional software to do so is available as a free download from Microsoft.
In past versions, Windows would notify you via a pop-up or other message if there was something that needed attention on your computer. Instead of using intrusive pop-up messages, Windows 7 simply adds an icon to the Action Center.

Entertainment Features

Windows Media Center allows you to watch TV, movies, and other types of video on your computer. When used with TV tuner hardware, it allows you to record television programming. It features a streamlined programming guide, which contains both standard and digital HD program lists.
With more and more media becoming available in digital formats, it is often desirable to stream media from your PC to your home theater. Windows 7 simplifies streaming, making it much easier to send media to compatible networked media devices.
Windows Media Player features a "Play To" feature, which allows you to push media to a compatible network device, while maintaining playback control from your computer. Typing away on the laptop and in the mood to listen to some music, but not through a pair of tinny computer speakers? Play To can send music to a networked stereo, Xbox 360, or other compatible device. You'll have full control over playback from the familiar Windows Media Player interface.
In a perfect world you could keep all of your movies, music, and photos on every computer you own. However, we all know that notebook hard drives are not always spacious enough to allow for this. With Windows 7, you can access media stored on your home computer from your laptop via the Internet. Simply connect to your home PC remotely and listen to music, view pictures, or watch videos over the Internet. Both systems must be using Windows 7, of course.
Windows Live Essentials, a free download for Windows 7 users, adds several features that were present in Windows Vista, but have been omitted from Windows 7. It adds supports for multiple e-mail accounts, digital photo editing, instant messaging, and online security.
Windows 7 adds support for touch-screen computers, including those that support multi-touch gestures. Larger, touch-friendly icons are present throughout the OS. Interact directly with the OS and applications via touch: control media playback, scroll through documents and web pages, resize windows, and pan and zoom across large photos.

Multi-touch technology allows you to control the screen with more than one finger. You can zoom in on an image by moving 2 fingers closer together, in a pinching motion, or zoom out by moving them apart. Rotate an image by rotating 1 finger around another, and right-click by holding 1 finger on your target and tapping the screen with a second.

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OEM Branded Pro

Product Reviews

4.6(based on 293 reviews)
"I use the software I buy to upgrade the operating systems on older computers. I like the price and the prompt delivery."
"The product was as advertized and worked well.<br /><br />It was shipped in a timely manner."
"intensive video and photo work"
"Best price anywhere for Windows 7 Pro license & disk"
"bought the windows 7 64 bit disk . all installed fine."
"After a ten day wait, my order still hasn't arrived. I would love to review the product but that would require me to receive it first."
"Product is good at a good price and quick shipping!"
"OEM builders can use a Branded license to save money"
"All came with COA stickers very happy"
"Stable operating system, no surprises, highly recommended."
"I don't really have any comments here. The product appears to be functioning as it should."
"It was a Dell Windows 7 Pro re-installation CD. "
"I give it 5 stars because it is genuine Windows 7 at a very reasonable price for home use. "
"Used at work"
"I use it for my work laptop. It performs without any issues."
"This is a well known product. As software developers in an all-Mac shop, we add VMware Fusion and Win7 to OSX to make our all-platform testing easier and more comprehensive. (Windows itself is a second-rate OS, but it's popular with many of our clients, so we must test our software on it.)"
"It is authentic and works perfectly. "
"Windows 7 works great for me. I do not like the Windows 8 format. I am more old school."
"Came with COA stickers very happy all worked no problem"
"need to upgrade. did not want to deal with the weirdness of win 8"
"With COA stickers"
"i would recommend this agency to friends & relatives, because of service<br />rendered. i have loaded my software<br />without any glitches. If you are looking for genuine *** products,<br />@ very reasonable prices. Look no further. Thank You, again!!"
"Needed a *** install for an older machine, worked like a champ!"
"Product arrived quickly, performed as promised."
"Good item"
"Good item"
"Installs on any brand PC that meets the OS requirements. Allow the installer to download updates. Change the product key and your PC is running ***."
"received the product in a timely manner and was in good condition."
"*** professional is very stable and easy to use. For anyone upgrading from ***, this is the way to go. Win 8 is a pain."
"Great product, fast shipping!"
"Would recommend this product. Price is right. "
"Win7 us what it is. But have the chance to get it legal at a discount price it's great"
"I build and sell computers and do several updates ."
"It's windows 7, what else do you guys need to know?"
"Great price for OEM Windows 7. Worked perfect."
"The product loaded without a hitch. Very satisfied."
"The product is easy to use and just as described. Great seller, would recommend to people."
"I received the *** disc, inserted and within minutes it was loaded. The slowest part of the process was getting the *** confirmation number. <br /><br />I will use this company again!"
"Windows 7 at this price makes it so much better. I would recommend SnaggStuff to anyone looking to save some money!"
"Windows 7 is stable and clean. And it is a good balance between innovation and familiarity. If you used XP for over a decade, as I did, you will like 7. "
"I will be updating 2 XP computers for one of my IT customers. Sure beats buying 2 new computers."
"Product was exactly as described and has so far worked perfectly on a fresh home-built PC. "
"Anyone who wants to upgrade from Microsoft XP, it works well as long as you use Microsoft Easy Transfer to get all your personal data back on the computer. "
"Better than windows 8."
"Installed in computer - after replacing HD"
"We prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8 any day, and so do our customers. SnaggStuff allows us to continue using and installing it at a fair price."
"Works fine."
"Love Win7 Pro 64 bit. Like alot of others, wish MS would get away from the Win8 style. Leave windows in Windows. "
"Haven't installed yet.<br />"
"works great no issues loaded up perect and took off using it now"
"Exactly as advertised."
"Haven't installed my copy of Windows 7 yet, but I do use it on my work computer all the time."
"used product for work. would recommend to others<br />"
"Product description identical to product received."
"Microsoft 7 might be fine, but the copy I was sent did not appear to be new."
"I am using the product at home for my daughters replacement computer. I would recommend this product to other home-based users."
"Product used for ***."
"All products as advertised and a Quality product."
"Home use, product was as represented and works prefectly"
"Wasn't given option for computer brand."
"Installed, activated and running, what more can I say!!!"
"Better than ***."
"I like turtles."
"Excellent quality. Exactly as described. Easy install. Great savings. Highly recommended."
"Microsoft Windows 7 is excellent to replace XP or Vista. I used it to replace Vista and it all worked great."
"used O/S Win 7 pro for a new install on a Lenovo t60p 64 bit laptop, 2Gb ram/100GB HD. Everything worked smoothly and the laptop is running very fast. The O/S had Dell splash screen on start up and that was easily modified with a registry edit. Seller made this very clear in their description so no surprises."
"Overall, so far the OS has been working well."
"Had to build new computer for customer to update from Windows XP"
"Windows 7 OEM works fine."
"Product was as advertised. Software license looked like it was stolen from another product and then inserted in the corner of the software envelope. Hope this is a legal license and does not get banned down the road. "
"Used for an old computer to upgrade to Windows 7. Excellent."
"upgrading older pcs to windows 7 pro.<br />Recommend to anyone. Works great"
"Used to replace Windows 8 on machines not working properly."
"We hope everything goes good the IT person for office did the install."
"I expect to use this product as part of building a new PC to replace an aging version. I absolutely refuse to use Windows 8, hence my ordering the pro 64-bit Win 7."
"I used my Win 7 Pro CD for installing Bootcamp for my MBP. Worked fine. No problems."
"I recommend this product to anyone who is building OEM systems and needs a good source for there operating system"
"I have issues with both of the discs that were sent to me but regardless the staff was quick to respond and send a replacement. I am very pleased with their service."
"It's a mandated change from XP, which works fine, so I'm not happy with Microsoft (who is?). I do use Windows 7 on my work computer and it's certainly better than Windows 8. But as usual, some improvements in the new OS erases some good features in the old (such as the print operation requiring several more clicks than it used to). I emphasize that my comments ate purely about Microsoft's product, not SnaggStuff, who does a great job as a vendor."
"Installed and licensed just fine. Delivery was prompt."
"Product as stated... Start scree will say DELL, but it loaded w/MicroSoft registration key and all. Works just fine on my old Lenovo T60.<br />"
"Excellent product."
"It works,Good price "
"Solid OS"
"It has some dell labeling, but snaggstuff says it can be used by anyone. Worked for me."
"Got a Dell version, by chance, to go on my Dell laptop. Product as described, best price I could find."
"I installed this operating system, so that I could use up-to-date development software. I would recommend this product to anyone who is noticing support for products they use or would like to use slowly disappearing from their current operating system. The disk does not come in a fancy package, but if the the disk works well, then I could care less."
"Like it"
"Good price. I needed this to upgrade company computers."
"Product was as described. Loaded and installed and windows activated with no problems. I will buy this product again."
"Windows 7 is already well known. It's the best Windows yet. No other comment needed."
"I rebuilt my home pc."
"DVD didn't work but COA did, which is the important part."
"for my own PC<br />will recommend to others<br />"
"Just as advertised. worked great"
"Needed to add Windows to a Mac for an Auto-Cad program for work. Worked out perfectly but a little confusing to install with BootCamp."
"Lately I've been using Ubuntu (Linux), Win 8 and now Win 7. My favorite is Win 7; it is much more stable than Ubuntu and it has all of the features that I like from Win 8 without the Metro interface mess."
"When comparing the three most recent Windows OS, Win 7 is my favorite. We chose Pro to step above Home and have not been disappointed."
"Win 7 Pro 64 is not my favorite, but necessary for biz. Works fine."
"I use this for fresh install or new builds for me. It works great and anybody can install this. Works great."
"Great price and fast shipment. Have not yet installed OS (Branded) to see if the COA is legit."
"The product was just as advertised and at excellent pricing. Not only was the shipping free but very quick. I would recommend this company to everyone<br /><br />"
"Good OS"
"Product was delivered as descried... Super fast and the cheapest around."
"used to upgrade laptop/ installed and activated/ everything is good so far"
"OEM install disc with peeled off product key, not confident it hasn't been activated."
"Prefer it over Windows 8"
"Dell Branded software *** -- integrated onboard graphics and sound malfunction even with updated drivers and more 401 page not found error messages on the internet than any other Brand -- would rather pay the higher price direct from Microsoft for full version of Windows 7 Pro 64 at least it works better than DELL Branded product. SnaggStuff doesn't have control over which BRAND is shipped as I have been told -- I tried to get HP BRAND but was told I would have to get whatever was shipped -- so I will be do directly to Microsoft since DELL seems to be SnaggsStuff most popular BRAND."
"Fast shipping<br />"
"The quality of the products I have ordered is of standard quality."
"It worked!"
"as described"
"Thank you"
"the product is legit. that's all that matter to me. i would hate to be getting any bootleg copies of anything."
"Product was exactly as specified. It shipped the same day and arrived in 2 days."
"Just as good as the full price version. Anyone looking for an OEM Win 7 will be happy."
"Used Windows 7 for new install, and it worked perfectly to replace Vista that I was having problems with on old machine. Better than I expected and for a great price. Thanks alot"
"Great stable OS "
"Needed a replacement IS. Works great.<br />"
"Everything was as expected."
"Used for XP migration on some of our older workstations. Works like a charm"
"Even though this was for home use, still prefer Windows 7 Pro!"
"It solved my problem and for less money."
"Works great"
"Excellent Product, arrived on time, would recommend."
"The product code works all by itself just like Windows Anytime Upgrade."
"Used first with Apple Bootcamp on 2008 late MacBook. Product installed perfectly but I had troubles with Bootcamp so removed and reinstalled with Parallels 9. Installed perfectly and my MacBook runs this product well."
"great price, works great"
"works as expected"
"Microsoft's best OS to date. Fixed all the Vista bugs with lower resource requirements. None of the horrid ""Metro"" interface present in Windows 8"
"Easy to install! My old PC runs better it did using WINXP. "
"very good"
"Windows 7 is a good mature product and was purchased with the end of Win XP in mind. "
"Its windows 7"
"Great OS from windows XP. Business use."
"Windows 7, I'm forced to use it, can't stand 8, that's not Snaggstuff's fault."
"Windows 7 is a solid OS. I had to get a 64-bit version so that my computer could see all 8GB of RAM that I had installed."
"This is my operating system now. It is taking some getting use to. I resent Microsoft forcing people to up grade a perfectly fine os and having to relearn the program. ICK!!!! Shame again on Microsoft! "
"they have what I need."
"Product was as intended and well described."
"was what i was expecting"
"Smooth installs for business PCs. "
"the product works great"
"Easier than Windows 8"
"I Love Windows 7 64bit Pro.<br /><br />Thanks much!,<br />***"
"I needed to fix an existing windows 7 on two computers. Just updated, put in the new codes and done."
"It is used for business purposes."
"Works as promised"
"A great option to avoid the debacle that is Windows 8...."
"Great value---will use again for builds---not for upgrading your system"
"Used to update a computer from Home Premium to Professional."
"Typical Microsoft product. Would have been nice if all the service pack updates had been included, but OK for the price."
"Easy use, its for install windows in IMac machine"
"It's windows. It works and the product key activated with no problems. DVD had a scratch and product could've been protected better but sufficient for use"
"So far - So good!"
"Replaced vista, which was full of glitches. Now happy"
"Very happy with my Windows 7 order. I received the install disk, product key and a Certificate of Authenticity. Installation was a breeze."
"Great for anyone looking for Windows 7 Pro."
"What we wanted<br />"
"It's W7 Professional. Easy to use But like all Windows OS products a resource hog. Recommend it highly if your system is powerful enough to satisfy it's needs."
"Typical Microsoft"
"Needed something more after hearing that no support for XP, but wanted something with XP mode to keep using older software."
"Product installed correctly and had no problems activating."
"Product was exactly as advertised."
"I am doing a migration from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro. The product arrived just as described. I did have to call Microsoft and activate them over the phone to get the keys to be activated properly but, no complaints here."
"I ordered Windows 7 OS for my laptop."
"I loved the product. It's good. only issue was i had to register using phone as the key did not work"
"was just as expected"
"The OS was in turkish language."
"Best price around on windows 7. Works great for me!"
"I don't have time to write an essay"
"I use the product personally and resell it"
"all and everyone"
"using to dual boot on a mac. i would recommnd. great quality."
"Fast delivery."
"great product"
"I purchased the Branded version of Windows 7 Pro and am completely satisfied with it. I use it with Fusion on a Mac (it is a lot more user friendly than Windows 8), the install was easy and quick.<br />"
"Don't buy from snaggstuff ! I will never buy anything from snaggit again and never recommend snaggstuff. Product (windows7) could not be registered in USA. This is a very bad way to treat your customers. Shame on you."
"I'm a repeat customer, always quick & easy. Best price"
"I need assistance from SnaggStaff customer service."
"Installed with valid license key."
"I would recommend this to everyone!"
"they say what they do and they do what they say. What else is there?"
"A good install disc - branded for Dell, and very automated for system build"
"Cool stuff :)"
"Product installed perfecty as advertised."
"It's windows 7...good stuff."
"Installed with no problems and included COA. "
"7 beats 8. Either one is a necessary evil. "
"So far so good!"
"New build PC. Great for home pc builders. "
"It downloaded the first try"
"Recommend to friends"
"Great deal on Windows 7 COA"
"It's Microsoft can't say more."
"not used yet but I expect no problems."
"Exactly what I ordered."
"None of these are applicable in my case."
"Software loaded and all is fine.."
"windows 7 pro<br />use it in the office,<br />"
"A Dell branded copy of Windows 7 that installed and registered correctly."
"CD arrived in perfect condition. No problems loading and installing the software. Product code was tucked inside the sleeve."
"Installation of Windows 7 in a Dell Computer. Works just like described and intended."
"bought a new dell with windows 8.<br />doesn't work well if you don't have a touch screen. need this product to change operating systems. "
"I was sceptical to buy this product from these guys, I usually buy my OS's from other sources, that won't be happening again, The supplied disc worked flawlessly, authorized quickly with no trouble.... Had this current OS from these guys for almost a month with no issues so far... Who cares if the disc says Dell or whoever, it works....Say no more... Stop feeding the Microsoft monsters of this world, grab a bargain."
"Windows 7 professional disk arrived as promised. And was quick delivery. It was the disk and sticker with the key only, which was what I expected. Installed smoothly. As described, the disk was branded to Dell, but I only saw that on the installation screen, have not see it since. Outstanding price. Will do business again and have recommended this to others."
"I was sold Windows 7 Professional that can not be activated."
"Exactly as ordered. Great product."
"Software was identified by Microsoft as invalid and could not be activated."
"Everything installed and activated as planned. Some minor set backs with activation, but it all worked out"
"Very, very OK!"
"Windows 7 for a new system"
"Everything was as expected, the Win 7 was for a customer of mine and I got him the lowest price possible."
"counterfeit and unusable"
"The Microsoft Windows 7 that I installed says that it's counterfeit and that the activation key is blocked per Microsoft. I get constant counterfeit alerts on my desktop! I need a new DVD with a new activation key!!"
"Assistance for your review:<br />-+ How do you use the product?<br />-+ To whom would you recommend the product?<br />-+ What do you think of the quality of the product?<br />Installed Windows 7 - 64 under Virtualbox hosted on Debian AMD. If you think its time to have more Windows than XP, do it. <br /><br />I installed it an HP that doesn't have driver support for native install. virtualbox drivers hide that. DVD was a Dell OEM and there was a product code sticker on the DVD envelope."
"Product as described "
"I have used Win XP pro OS for years but it was support was coming to an end and it was time to upgrade to a faster PC with a 64 bit system. I didn't want to jump into Windows 8 since it appears so different from what I am used to so Windows 7 pro was ordered. Installation was as expected and no bloatware was seen. It will take time to get used to this OS and get things set up to how I like it but I feel it was the right move for me."
"The copy of Windows 7 I purchased failed its Windows Genuine check after a few days of being activated."
"I use Windows 7 in my new builds and the quality was great and exactly how it was described. I think Windows 7 is a great product and it was easy to purchase through SnaggStuff."
"It's Windows 7, how good could it be?"
"Works great!"
"fast & super cheap."
"Needed to finally upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. Since I wanted a a fresh install, I used the Windows Easy Transfer to backup important files to an external drive, then did a fresh install of Windows 7. Super easy and quick."
"I use Windows 7 as a secondary OS on a virtual machine to run Microsoft products for my class that they don't make for Macs, and so far it's great. I did buy an OEM, but I knew that going into it and it's great, so far. The only problem I had with install was on the side of the VM software, not the Windows product. The disk was sealed in an envelope and ran perfectly."
"Got exactly what I wanted."
"Product was great as I was installing windows onto my ***. Process was nice and simple with this disc. Using the disc with boot camp will work for you."
"Worked perfect"
"No scratches on OEM CD and the code worked without any problem. Definitely an incredible deal for anybody building their own PC from scratch and wants an inexpensive copy of the latest version of Windows."
"ran and activated as advertised."
"Full version came on CD and installed flawlessly"
"The product was as described. Did what it was supposed to. No fuss, no muss."
"Best price anywhere. Great description of the product before purchase. Quick shipping."
"highly recommended"
"great software value! fast shipment! easy web site!"
"Exactly what I wanted. Fast shipping."
"I use it for my home computer."
"I purchase this product for my customers and they appreciate the value in price.<br /><br />I would recommend this product to any IT consultant needing this product for their customers.<br /><br />I would rate this vendor as excellent!"
"using it for media center and it has beautiful features but takes a lot of updates and tweaking to get the performance "
"It was what I expected."
"Worked right out of the wrapper"
"Built a new machine and needed a window OS"
"Despite being super cheap price, it worked perfectly!"
"was as advertised.<br />is performing well after 1 week."
"Great price on Windows 7 64-bit. The industry standard operating system. "
"good price"
"The 64 bit Professional version I got may be overkill for my needs.<br />The installation went reasonably well (no problems with the Branded OEM COA) but the creation of a separate System partition, in addition to the Boot partition, was an irritation. Apart from that, the need to get the latest device drivers from the manufacturers' websites was essential to get the thing working properly - all it took was time."
"what can I say it's the servic was great and I received it fast"
"Better than ****** so far."
"Works great!"
"Just what I needed worked like a charm.."
"Great price!"
"This is an excellent product for builders of systems and to upgrade from an old version of Windows. Didn't even have to type in the product serial number! <br />On my son's new computer we built, it installed in 8 1/2 minutes!"
"As described, very good price."
"it loaded up and ran without a glitch smooth"
"I ordered Windows 7 Pro. Pack came with Dell disc and COA, installed easily and works fine. Shipping was prompt. I'll use them again if the opportunity presents itself. Thank you."
"es un regalo para mis hijos"
"Product works perfectly and installed with no errors."
"Using in a newly built computer. Yes would recomend "
"every one<br />"
"I would reccomend this product to anyone the quality of the product was as I expected! "
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